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engineer_furs's Journal

Anthropomorphic Engineers
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Specialization - not JUST for insects!

If you can recite the laws of thermodynamics in your sleep, have suffered through any advanced calculus class, spent your Friday evenings in lab or at work, and/or have spent days laboring over a small detail just to have a PHB or professor flush the whole project down the crapper and still somehow manage to have anthropomorphics as a hobby, then this community might just be a good match for you!

engineer_furs is intended as community of anthropomorphics fans who are any of the following:

0) graduates of or students in engineering programs
1) engineers (either by training, trade, experience, or professional accreditation)
2) interested in engineering as a profession.

Membership in the community is open and there is little to no moderation. The idea behind the community is to provide camaraderie, networking opportunities and a communal repository of information that we can all make use of. It is my hope that we can eventually do such things as organize E-Furs parties/breakfasts/panels/whatever at conventions and other gatherings so that we can meet one another and talk of our mutual love ... and sometimes loathing ... of engineering. :P