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Anthropomorphic Engineers

User: tipp
Date: 2009-09-19 19:30
Subject: IRC Channel
Security: Public
The engineer_furs LJ community seems fairly slow as of late, so I figured I'd stop by and post this. :p I set up an #engineerfurs IRC channel a while ago on FurNet for anyone interested in a chat-based discussion forum. It is reasonably active with 20-25 regular members. I know some people here have already found it, but I thought I would mention it for the others. If you drop by, let us know who you are on LJ :p

Hope you see you around!

Take care,
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Ian posting in Anthropomorphic Engineers
User: chicken_hat
Date: 2009-09-10 14:31
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Hello! Found this community and wanted to see if I could network a bit with furs who've been a little more successful in starting their professional careers.

I graduated with my bachelor's in chemistry from Boston University back in May. I majored in chemistry (and not CHE) because silly old me thought he wanted to be a theoretician (whoops). I'm currently in northern Virginia and struggling to find work and trying to figure out where to go from here. Ultimately I want to return to grad school for an MS and/or PhD in materials sci/eng and would like to find work in the field, but caught with the minor little issue of having no experience. Most entry-level positions nearby are lab support jobs for that most unholy of fields, biochemistry, while most materials science positions are senior level. Do I still try and pursue an elusive entry level materials position or just take a biochem lab tech job to pay bills until I get the advance degree? Or do I stand a chance at getting a CHE position even though I have no engineering background, just the chem background?
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Nitewolf posting in Anthropomorphic Engineers
User: mitternachtwulf
Date: 2009-06-05 18:35
Subject: I keep finding more stupid...
Security: Public
Location:huntsville, al
I am currently doing a rewire job at a small machine shop in my town, and it seems that every day that I work there I find another dangerous or broken thing.

Day one, "holy c---, where do I start.."

"Ok, they ran 300 ft of 6ga for this 25HP motor, spliced it twice, and are wondering why things are getting a bit warm.." This is in the main compressor room, where everything is running first to a splice, and then to two separate breaker boxes. It was also very convenient for them to run the electric service and the compressed air pipe through the same hole.. This is being replaced with a much shorter run of 4ga (75 ft) and separate low voltage runs.

"Surely that exposed pressure switch on the portable compressor tank can't be live.. Oh.. It is.. and how 'bout that. It's 220 fed from the high leg.." (the pressure switch would not shut off the machine, and the safety valve was wired closed. would have made a nice little bang some day..

The shop is in a large steel frame building, and has office and storage areas built into it. Above the tool room is a storage area. I found two poorly ran conduit runs leading up to this storage area. "This does not bode well." I thought. at the other end of the conduit, I find a pair of 4" hexagon boxes, with no less than 7 circuits between the two. no cover, some of them not connected to anything, and a metric butt-ton of romex leading into them. At this time I also notice a run of 6-3 BX that seems to disappear somewhere under the floor as well. At this point, I don't have much other choice than to start ripping out the floor. I am greeted by all of that romex laying ON TOP OF THE FLOOR JOISTS. if you could even call them joists. it's all framed up with 2x4s, and was originally intended only as a ceiling.

Oh, and that BX? it went to a nail in blue 4square, and then off with some 14-2 mc to a 15A receptacle, also in a plastic nail in box. all fed from a 60A three pole breaker The room I have been working on the last few days is part of all of this. at one time it was an unfinished room, with exposed studs. well, someone didn't like that, so they put some OSB sheeting up, covering most of the outlets and junction boxes.

This room had two real gems to it, the first was someone using a standard staple gun to hang romex, the best part being the staples were too narrow to straddle it, piercing the insulation as they hung it. The second shining example was the old first generation GFI outlet, in a single gang handibox, BURIED UNDER THE SHEETING that fed TWO CUT IN OUTLETS down the line "oh, those have never worked? I wonder why..."

Not to mention the light switches in a J-box with a mud ring, and they were using the tabs on the switches to hold it all to the OSB. it was leading off of a hidden J-box, and on both of them they simply bent the box rather than use MC or bend the EMT scrap they used.

In one of the main machine rooms are two large 200A GE service panels. these are stuffed to the gills, and ugly as sin. once again, many dead circuits, bare ends dangling in the box, nothing labeled, you know the drill. the great part here is that the cover has been taken off because "some of the breakers get too hot and keep tripping." this box is about 11 ft away from the CNC router table. this machine flings bits of aluminum everywhere within a 20 ft radius. I found many bits of said aluminum in said box.

All of this is just scratching the surface of what I have found, and everyday that I go back, i keep finding more and more and more.. Oh yeah, stuff like MC feeding the outside AC unit, a mystery extension cord hard wired into an outdoor box on the side of the building, etc, etc..

I have to go in every day reminding myself that anything I touch may try to kill me.. I think I have enough there to keep me busy for a year or two. if it doesn't catch fire first.
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Whitefang Greytail posting in Anthropomorphic Engineers
User: whitefang
Date: 2009-05-30 07:54
Subject: G'day
Security: Public
Hello fellow engineers, stumbled onto this community and I thought I'd join.
I'm Whitefang and I work for Thales in Australia as a software engineer. Working on some pretty cool military systems.

I have an engineering degree in computer systems engineering.
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Geems posting in Anthropomorphic Engineers
User: wingywoof
Date: 2009-03-12 07:18
Subject: Home Automation Geekery
Security: Public
Yesterday one of my co-workers told me a story about a professor he had. The guy taught HVAC design and controls courses and had wired up his home with Metasys, a building automation protocol from Johnson Controls.

Some features of his system include:
- A web-based user interface for remote monitoring/control
- Lighting and HVAC scheduling
- Email alerts when the front door or garage door are open longer than 5 seconds
- A pressure switch in the toilet seat that activates the bathroom fan once you sit down

Hee. ;)
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Jeff The Furtive Fox posting in Anthropomorphic Engineers
User: furtivefox
Date: 2009-03-02 04:45
Subject: Hello
Security: Public
Heya, my name is Furtive and I'm an aspiring engineer. I graduated a few years ago with a BS in Electronics Engineering and I work for an electronics company as a failure analysis technician. I work on troubleshooting a good portion of all of our RMA's and occasionally in house failures. It's a fun job and I like doing it and I get to play with high voltage. I recorded some video's of some failures that I've handled, but most of my non-technical friends don't appreciate the idea of 20kV or any kV for that matter so I thought perhaps share them here.

Please excuse the shaky cam, need to get my work to pay for a tripod :P

HV Wire FailuresCollapse )
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Junkyard Dog posting in Anthropomorphic Engineers
User: accordion_hero
Date: 2009-02-25 16:39
Subject: A House for all Seasons
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really impressive bit of engineering here! A house with a sliding roof/wall shell.

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Geems posting in Anthropomorphic Engineers
User: wingywoof
Date: 2009-02-17 07:22
Subject: Engineer's Week 2009
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Is anyone doing anything for E-Week this year? Your company or school or a local organization?

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Geems posting in Anthropomorphic Engineers
User: wingywoof
Date: 2009-02-07 11:10
Subject: A Horrible, Horrible T-Shirt
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Nius Jaguar posting in Anthropomorphic Engineers
User: nius
Date: 2009-01-29 09:07
Subject: ESCC/Internet2 Joint Techs Winter 2009 - Texas A&M
Security: Public
I depart Saturday for the Joint Techs conference at Texas A&M, anybody else headed there, or living nearby?
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